Research Questions and Answers

The list below contains some of the research questions that have been asked of the volunteers of the Society. Many of these answers are explained in more detail in a regular "Questions and Answers" column in the Society magazine, The Arrow. We hope that this online Q&A summary is helpful to you in your research and modeling. To submit a new question, or to help us improve an existing answer, please contact us by email.

Current News

How many steam sound recordings did O. W. Link make? And in what movie did he appear? (March '99)

Railfanning Topics

Family Railfanning on the VGN West End: Maps, Where to stay, What to see.
Railfanning on the N&W Pocahontas District: Maps, Where to stay, What to see.

Questions without Answers (so far)

Mystery at the Hotel Roanoke: Where's the logo?
Why did the VGN buy two cement-service covered hoppers?

Freight Rolling Stock Topics

What VGN freight car classes survived the merger?
When were roof walks outlawed? (August '99)
Which N&W boxcars were copies of PRR designs? (Jan '99)

Steam Locomotive Topics

List of surviving NW/VGN steam locomotives
Steam Locomotive roster in spring 1942 (July '99)
Slide valves, piston valves, and superheating (July '99)
What's a Bypass Valve?
Was there an N&W Class M #374? (May '99)

Diesel Locomotive Topics

 N&W's Alco T-6 Switchers: Model and Prototype (September '99)

Passenger Cars and Service

N&W 12 / 1 Pullmans: What color? What routes? Modeling info? (April '99)
List of N&W Wooden Passenger Cars
List of N&W Steel Passenger Cars
List of Nickel Plate Passenger Cars
List of Wabash Passenger Cars

General Topics

Does the N&W still exist, even as a paper corporation? A: Not any more.
Matching N&W Tuscan Red and Pevlar Blue paint
Where is the bridge in this photo? (Nov '07)

Virginian-specific Topics

Were General Electric EL-C trucks ever used under Train Masters?
Did VGN passenger trains run west as far as Kentucky?
 Did the Virginian ever operate passenger trains behind electric locomotives? (March '99)

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